Live Media APPROPRIATIONS: 10 a.m., Monday, July 17th, 2017

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10 a.m.
John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203)
SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS AT 10:00 A.M.Measure:Author:Summary:A.B.No. 398Eduardo Garcia.California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: market-based compliance mechanisms: fire prevention fees: sales and use tax manufacturing exemption. (Urgency)A.B.No. 617Cristina Garcia.Nonvehicular air pollution: criteria air pollutants and toxic air contaminants.____________________MEASURES TO BE HEARD IN FILE ORDERMeasure:Author:Summary:S.B.No. 343Bradford.Income taxes: gross income exclusions: deductions: Kast Property Tank Farm facility cleanup. (Urgency)A.B.No. 72Santiago.Housing.A.B.No. 73Chiu.Planning and zoning: housing sustainability districts.A.B.No. 74Chiu.Housing.A.B.No. 79Levine.Electrical generation: hourly greenhouse gas emissions: electricity from unspecified sources.A.B.No. 182Waldron.Heroin and Opioid Public Education (HOPE) Act.A.B.No. 189Low.School curriculum: model curriculum: service learning.A.B.No. 196Bigelow.Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: water supply and wastewater systems.A.B.No. 199Chu.Public works: private residential projects.A.B.No. 203O'Donnell.School facilities: design and construction.A.B.No. 250Gonzalez Fletcher.State Coastal Conservancy: Lower Cost Coastal Accommodations Program.A.B.No. 343McCarty.Public postsecondary education: holders of certain special immigrant visas.A.B.No. 371Cooley.Sex crimes: communication with a minor.A.B.No. 454Ridley-Thomas.Personal income taxes: exclusion: wrongfully incarcerated individuals.A.B.No. 461Muratsuchi.Personal income taxes: exclusion: forgiven student loan debt. (Tax Levy)A.B.No. 509Frazier.Tire recycling: California tire regulatory fee and waste tire program.A.B.No. 529Mark Stone.Juveniles: sealing of records.A.B.No. 530Cooper.Public employment: collective bargaining: peace officers.A.B.No. 571Eduardo Garcia.Income taxes: insurance tax: credits: low-income housing: farmworker housing assistance. (Tax Levy)A.B.No. 579Flora.Apprenticeship: fire protection: firefighter preapprenticeship program. (Urgency)A.B.No. 582Cristina Garcia.Vehicles: emissions: certification, auditing, and compliance.A.B.No. 661Mayes.Magnesia Spring Ecological Reserve: Mirage Trail.A.B.No. 678Bocanegra.Housing Accountability Act.A.B.No. 702Lackey.Driving under the influence: chemical tests.A.B.No. 735Maienschein.Swimming pools: public safety.A.B.No. 738Limón.Pupil instruction: Native American studies: model curriculum.A.B.No. 746Gonzalez Fletcher.Public health: potable water systems: lead testing: schoolsites.A.B.No. 778Caballero.Community development investment tax credits. (Tax Levy)A.B.No. 790Mark Stone.Identification cards: replacement: reduced fee.A.B.No. 822Caballero.Institutional purchasers: sale of California produce.A.B.No. 827Rubio.Department of Consumer Affairs: task force: foreign-trained professionals.A.B.No. 834O'Donnell.School-based health programs.A.B.No. 923Ridley-Thomas.State government: international trade and investment strategy.A.B.No. 952Reyes.Teachers: Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program: bilingual teacher shortage pathways.A.B.No. 953Baker.Protective orders: personal information of minors.A.B.No. 954Chiu.Food labeling: quality and safety dates.A.B.No. 1017Santiago.Collective bargaining agreements: arbitration: litigation.A.B.No. 1018Reyes.Community colleges: student equity plans.A.B.No. 1073Eduardo Garcia.California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program.A.B.No. 1127Calderon.Baby diaper changing stations.A.B.No. 1134Gloria.Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission: fellowship program.A.B.No. 1179Kalra.Hazardous waste facilities: inspections.A.B.No. 1268Reyes.Domestic violence and sexual assault: prevention.A.B.No. 1308Mark Stone.Youth offender parole hearings.A.B.No. 1315Mullin.Mental health: early psychosis and mood disorder detection and intervention.A.B.No. 1320Bonta.State prisons: private, for-profit administration services.A.B.No. 1348Aguiar-Curry.Farmer Equity Act of 2017.A.B.No. 1360Bonta.Charter schools: pupil admissions, suspensions, and expulsions.A.B.No. 1372Levine.Crisis stabilization units: psychiatric patients.A.B.No. 1397Low.Local planning: housing element: inventory of land for residential development.A.B.No. 1408Calderon.Crimes: supervised release.A.B.No. 1521Bloom.Land use: notice of proposed change: assisted housing developments.A.B.No. 1553Cervantes.Economic development: Capital Access Loan Program.A.B.No. 1587Levine.Invasive species: dreissenid mussels.A.B.No. 1692Committee on Judiciary.Judiciary omnibus.