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Daily Briefings - a daily summary of the news from a variety of newspapers, published by the Senate Republican Caucus.

To view press releases from Democratic Senate Members Go to http://democrats.senate.ca.gov/

To view press releases from Republican Senate Members Go to  http://republican.sen.ca.gov

The Senate Public Safety Committee publishes a summary of all public safety bills sent to the Governor in the previous year.

The Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee publishes a list of tax bills moving through the Legislature.

Senate Office of Research publishes research reports on some of the major policy issues facing California and the Legislature.

Office of Senate Floor Analysis publishes an annual Digest of Significant Legislation, which summarizes and categorizes each and every piece of legislation that came before the Legislature in the previous year.

Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes - A non-partisan team charged with investigating and measuring government performance.

Senate Television publishes its weekly televising schedule and provides a list of the cable operators that carry the legislative programming.

Senate Publications makes available to the public Senate Committee reports, Senate Office of Research Studies, transcripts of selected Senate Committee hearings, and other Senate publications.

Senate Advisory Commission on Cost Control in State Government publishes its reports and activities.

California Senate Fellows (formerly the Senate Associates Program) offers college graduates a paid, full-time legislative staff experience for eleven months in the State Capitol.

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